harsh lessons

harsh lessons are something that we steer away from within forest school – we’re about  building confidence and self esteem through completion of small achievable tasks. having said that, as a practitioner i occasionally find myself in situations i have no previous experience of. today has been such a day. to set the scene – … More harsh lessons


have to share with you my experience of soup – yesterday in the wood.  one of the learners the week before had been inspired by the wild garlic and wanted to make some soup using it.  when asked what other ingredients ” potato, carrots, and sweet potato” was the answer.     the weather conditions … More soup

into the woods

into the woods – a sondheim musical – maybe.  today we got back into the woods after a half term washed out by the weather. yes i know there’s no such thing as bad weather – just bad clothes… however this guideline works when the setting is flat.  ours has an incline on it that … More into the woods

cpd and pone bread

great day today out in the spring sunshine with other derbyshire based forest school practitioners practising and sharing skills.  we met in a community project space and after initial hellos and trying to learn names dived in with a kelly kettle to heat some water to make some tea. we had up to four kelly … More cpd and pone bread

woodland management

it’s nearly a year since i began being a volunteer in my local park doing woodland management tasks.  at the outset i was happy to use tools and enjoyed the pruning of rhododendron and small trees.  the tasks are set by a combination of the volunteer co-ordinator and a knowledgable resident. the last few times … More woodland management

whittling workshop

this was no ordinary whittling workshop for it was the first I’ve delivered and the first session to a group of solely adults.  I was at the Derbyshire eco centre for the annual Derbyshire county council forest school day and I have to say the event was relaxed, well organised with lots of interesting people … More whittling workshop

forest school for men

i’ve had an idea for a while now about making forest school sessions for men.  it’s something i’ve been researching and talking about and today has been quite significant for the progression of the idea. today i’ve met with the national co-ordinator of the bluesky project to share my idea and get some further insight, … More forest school for men

in my world

in my world i hear birds sing i listen and decide upon a storey about them including their name in my world i can share my storey about the birds i hear singing in my world  

setting of the sun

we’ve begun the half term that takes us up to the christmas holiday.  our sessions now are punctuated by the setting of the sun, head torches and lights at the circle. fire becomes brighter and more of a focus. leaves lend themselves to me sculpted into angels. our shelter hugged by the leaves around us. … More setting of the sun